Do You Scrape Data?

Introducing: Scraping Robot – a new way to scrape!

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Tools like Scrapebox are great, but they’re falling behind in modern scraping needs. With our tool, you can scrape sites with Javascript, select from a pool of modules to scrape from, custom build your own modules, and much more.


Today, these features exist. However, YOU, the customer, is in charge of shaping the future of the product! Please refer to our Roadmap page to submit the features you want next and we will build it!

Proxy Manager

Proxies are the life blood of any SEO tool, especially a scraper. Our proxy manager was built from the ground up to support our Scraping Robot Cloud platform, which handles tens of millions of scrapes per day. Features include:  cooldown time after receiving a ban, time to wait before using the same IP again, and many more features to come such as subnet control, dynamic cooldown based on bans, and more.

Scraping Settings

Gone are the days where your scraper cannot scrape sites with Javascript. Our tool uses a well known Chromium library called Puppeteer that allows us to run a browser in the background on your computer. The result:  you are able to scrape sites after they have generated their Javascript!

Scraping Robot Modules

A “module” is the driving force behind what makes our software run. Our team has prepared special modules for some of the top use cases in the scraping industry, which you can find on our Modules page. Don’t see a module you need? Click the next feature to learn about our Custom Builder!

Custom Module Builder

Don’t see a Module that works for your use case on our Modules page? No worries – our Custom Module Builder is here to save you! Use this feature to intelligently build a scraping module that fits your needs, not ours. If you need help, just reach out to support with a description of your special scraping needs and we will do our best to build it for you!

This entire product’s purpose is to bring a breath of fresh air to the scraping industry. To do that, we need YOU, the customer, to help us do that. Please help us out by submitting and voting on features on our Roadmap. The highest voted features will be implemented by our developers every 2 weeks!


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